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Does this medicine really work?!

We have seen successful results with thousands of childless couples being able to conceive after using our medicines. Most of the successful cases are people who have had multiple unsuccessful results even after ICSI, IUV, FET, IVF etc. We are very proud to maintain and show our clients photo albums of families who visit us after they have had their baby.

What does the medicine course comprise of?

The medicine course is spread over 3 stages. In stage one, the woman has to have the “A”Kashayam (tonic) mixed with the “B”medicine oil for 7 days of a month. In stage two, both woman and man have to have “C”medicines for 7 days of the next month. In stage three, there is a “D”Powder that the man has to drink mixed with milk everyday (for the 6 months) as well as the “B”medicine oil the woman has to have 4 days each for the 6 months.

What is the total duration of the course?

Typically a course of medicine is for 6 months but most people get positive results within 2-5 months itself. Though for a few people if there have been no positive results within the first 6 months, a repetition of the 6 months course is recommended as well.

When can I start the medicine?

Anytime of the month when the woman is not having her period is ideal for starting of medicines.

Does the man and woman both have to take the medication?

Yes. It is important that both the partners have to have the medicines simultaneously.

Is it very tedious/ difficult to have these medicines?

It is not easy but definitely not impossible! All it requires is will power and dedication. We are very particular about the discipline and diet during the course of the medication. Discipline is the key to faster and better success of this natural remedy.

Is the medicine given by Nishikanth is in powder form or liquid form?

The medicines are both in powder form and liquid form.

What if I am unable to follow all instructions or miss any day of the medicine?

Ideally, one should try their best to follow all the instructions to the tee. However, if you have missed taking the medicine for a day, it is okay. You can continue with the medicines from the next day as usual.

Are there any other precautions one has to take while taking the medicines?

Yes. One should also refrain from smoking, drinking and eating non vegetarian food. You should try and follow all the restrictions of the treatment. Medicine, diet, lifestyle and all other restrictions should be respected and followed as mentioned by us during this time. The success of the treatment hinges on making sure you take all the precautions to adhere to restrictions.

Will there be any side effects?

No. Since the medicine is made from natural ingredients, there are no side effects.

Will it work for people who have tried out ICSIs and IVFs also?

One cannot give a 100% guarantee for anything! Most of our clients are people who approached us after having had failed results in other modes of conception. We have managed to see success rates in more than 60% of our clients.

Will one have to continue with any medicines after one has conceived?

No. You can stop taking these medicines once it is confirmed that you have conceived. Then based on your Gynecology doctor, you can have regular medicines prescribed by his/ her for a successful delivery of a healthy baby.

What is the cost of the medicines?

The cost can be considered like a token amount. The running and maintaining cost of this facility and production of medicines is met in the form of donations and other gifts that people give us willingly after they have had successful results after having our medicine.

Can I get the medicines through courier service?

It is recommended that you go visit us, pay close attention to everything that said to make personal notes. If you dont speak the local language (Malayalam), try and get as much clarity as possible through a translator or using simplified English. We can also be contacted over phone anytime to clarify any doubts one might have.

What are the contact details of Ponnan Poosari Parampariya Vandhyatha Chikitsalayam (Ponnan Poosari Infertility Clinic)?

Ponnan Poosari Parambaria Vandhyatha Chikitasalayam Padoor .P.O Alathur Taluk, Palakkad District Kerala 678548 Landline: +91 049 22237255 Mobile: +91 94472 77070

Are there any online videos of the doctors?

There are several videos you can find them in the Videos section of this website. Are there any articles printed in newspaper or magazines that details their treatment? Yes there is. here is a link to a 2010 article in Basha Pooshini (Malayalam health magazine). It details the treatment and medicines through an interview with Vaidyarathanam Nishikanth Padoor. Do we need to be there for the treatment? No you dont need to be here for the treatment. We give the medicines for the whole course (6 months) in the first visit itself to take home with you.

How is the treatment method?

The treatment is detailed here

Where is this clinic?

The clinic is located in a place called Padoor. In the south Indian state of Kerala, in Palakkad district, while traveling via road to Pazhayannur from Alathur[2] lies a small town called Padoor [3] (approx. 11 kms from Alathur).

How do I get there?

The closest rail head is Palakkad junction. This place is 24 KM from the rail head. You can get taxis or autos from the railway station and back easily. There are also buses to Palakkad junction because its a very popular location. You can also drive down via car if you are living close or in neighbouring states.

Are there any buses or rental cars available?

There are buses and taxis available from Palakkad junction to the clinic. For a person out of town, it might be easier to use a taxi or auto for the trip from the station to the clinic and back.

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Follow all instructions & Diet Plans strictly.Nothing other than what is mentioned above should be included in the diet plan or daily restrictions for effective results.Please contact over phone for any clarifications.

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